Moving Planet- Portland

I’m Tom Dwyer,

You’ve probably heard about three fifty dot org; Bill Mckibben’s organization raising awareness of atmospheric carbon and climate change.  Science has determined that Three hundred fifty parts per million is the maximum allowable carbon level if we’re to avoid catastrophic effects, but we’re already at Three ninety…  And rising.

Come to the Memorial Coliseum September 24th eleven forty-five to three and join “Moving Planet- Portland” – Portland’s contribution to three fifty dot org’s global “Moving Planet” event.

This family friendly festival is your opportunity to learn more about climate change and ways you, personally can take concrete action to help battle one of the most important problems facing humanity.

Go to three fifty Oregon dot org, or follow the links from our website for details

Your voice matters more than you think.  Add it to the chorus on September 24, as we work together to create positive action on climate change.

Moving Planet Portland is presented by Solar World, Oregon Interfaith Power and Light, Tom Dwyer Automotive Services, and many other  concerned people and companies.  We all hope to see you there!

(c)2011 Tom Dwyer Automotive Services

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