Class War

I’m Tom Dwyer,

Today’s favorite flavor of conservative talking point is the constant drumbeat of “class warfare”.  There is class warfare, but we didn’t start it and we’re not winning.

Income of America’s richest 400 families grew 400 percent while income of the 90 percent who actually produce America’s wealth stayed flat.

The Rich are attacking on every front.  Their simultaneous ideological assault on unions, working families, and the Poor is no coincidence.

The current anti-postal campaign is as much about crushing the A. P. W. U., the biggest union left in America, as it is about tossing scraps of the Post Office to corporate predators.

It wasn’t “class warfare” as wealth was funneled to the top over the last 30 years, but now, when income inequity has gotten so bad that corrections are being discussed, it’s suddenly all we hear.

Class warfare?  Not yet…  It’s really only warfare when we fight back!

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