Lame House

I’m Tom Dwyer,

Where are the jobs Mr. Boehner?…

It’s been months now, and he’s done nothing to fight a key problem:  …joblessness.

Focusing on budget battles and eliminating women’s access to health care does not create jobs…

Is Boehner working for us? … the tea party? Wall street? The religious right?

Is Republi Con leadership banking that high unemployment, a struggling economy and rising gas prices will favor them in the twenty twelve elections?  Can America move forward, or will the Cons continue to ignore jobs and waste taxpayer money and valuable time?

Government increasingly fails to represents us!… Now more than ever, we need to contact our reps and voice our concerns.   We maintain contact phone numbers for the White House, Congressional Reps and more in the Politics section on our website.

Please, take time and call your representatives…  its easy… its essential !!! Democracy requires that your voice be heard loud and clear.

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