Keeping Left

Keeping Left

I’m Tom Dwyer,

We need a liberal to run against Obama in the Democratic primaries. A real progressive opponent would force Obama to triangulate to the left and push Democrats to have the long-overdue discussion of party values, policies and direction.

Obama has appeased RepubliCon leadership and capitulated to Wall Street and corporate power while he has eschewed populism.

A White House staffed with corporate symbiotic, Clinton-era figures is not what I voted for.

Obama hasn’t just neglected liberal priorities; we’ve been called “f-ing retarded“; and “sanctimonious” by his administration.

Let’s give Obama an electoral target for any animosity! An A P poll found that half of Democrats believe there should be challenged from within the party in twenty twelve.  Run Dennis Kucinich, Howard Dean,  or even Rachel Maddow if she’s willing… None of them would win, but that wouldn’t be the point….It would be about keeping Obama from drifting further and further to the right.

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