American Exceptionalism

I’m Tom Dwyer,

Alexis de Tocqueville first described the US as “exceptional” referring to our ideals, founding democratic principles, explicitly defined rights, and personal liberties.

We inherited a truly great nation;… but we were born on third base… we did not hit the triple and we are failing to maintain that which had set us apart by our acquiescence to;

The decline and loss of freedoms and the rule of law

Compromise in the integrity of our voting process

Mind numbing imperialist military spending

Health care expense that bleeds us to death while delivering the poorest outcomes

Economy damaging tax and trade policies

Unsustainable discrepancy in incomes of the rich and poor

And a degenerative lack of reinvestment in infrastructure and social programs…

Think about what the leisure class and stateless corporations are gaining and what we as a nation are losing….

Who will fight to restore American exceptionalism?

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