Illahee- Elinor Ostrum

I’m Tom Dwyer,

Don’t miss the final event from the folks at the Illahee Lecture Series, they’ve been quietly building to the big finish of their 2011 season with Nobel Prize winner Elinor Ostrum.

“The Commons” are the parts of our society we all own together, like air, land and water.  The “Tragedy of the Commons” is the idea that unless a resource is privately owned and maintained, each of the individual users will overuse it and the resource will be lost to everyone.

Elinor Ostrom built her career showing why this is wrong.  Her 2009 Nobel was awarded for showing how common resources can be managed successfully by the people who use them, without interference from governments or private companies.

Be at Portland’s First Congregational Church, 7:00 PM Wednesday, August thirty first, when author, professor, researcher, and political economist Elinor Ostrum closes out the Illahee Lecture Series that we’ve been so proud to support.

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