Illahee #6- Beth Noveck

I’m Tom Dwyer,

The next speaker in the Illhee Lecture Series says it’s easy for representatives to see constituents as inconveniences, only asking for their input at elections; crippling any possibility of effective representative government.

Beth Noveck doesn’t wait to be asked for her input… she’s already been involved with the first peer-to-peer network for citizen government collaboration, …virtual worlds to study citizen participation, and much more.

Beth was finally asked for her input… by President Obama.  Her work for his Open Government Initiative resulted in plans for every department and agency to increase governmental effectiveness.

You can be the next to benefit from Beth’s thoughts on the future of democracy in the 21st Century.  Please join us at Portland’s First Congregational Church, Wednesday, May 18th at 7pm, when Beth Noveck continues the Illahee Lecture Series.   For more information, please go to Illahee dot org, or follow the links from our website.

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