Illahee #4- Michael Pollan

I’m Tom Dwyer…

How do you decide what to eat?  Is it a complex balancing act between nutrients, calories, and flavor?  Does it matter to you if your food is genetically modified, organically grown, or heavily processed?  Suppose you could boil it down to this…

Eat local.  Not too much. Mostly plants.

The Illahee Lecture Series’ next speaker, Michael Pollen, will tell you why he thinks that’s all you really need to know for healthy eating.

Pollen is a leading advocate of sustainable, local, simple food.   He believes that the nutritional value of food is not well understood by science, and that the only thing we should be eating are same things our grandparents would’ve called food.

This buffet for your mind begins Saturday, April 16, when Michael Pollan comes to the University of Portland’s Chiles Center to continue the twenty eleven Illahee Lecture Series.  For more information, please go to Illahee dot org, or follow the links from our website.

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