Hail Grover

I’m Tom Dwyer,

Grover Norquist commands Republi con candidates to sign an oath of allegiance to oppose tax increases. Grover with the support of party of the rich has stated he wants to drag government into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub….

They also want to drag the working class, the poor and the elderly in there and drown them too.

They’re fine cutting grandma’s Medicaid and needed social programs but restoring fair taxes on wealth or cutting military spending are off the table.

Let’s maintain the budget to kill people but cut the budget to help people…

Our budget will never be balanced by cuts alone. The reality is we have a revenue problem and a spending problem….

Are the cons more loyal to Grover and the rich than the needs of our country?

Media propaganda, distraction… and the detachment of the average American may trick a majority once again.

Don’t be fooled ….be active!

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