Habeas Nopeus

I’m Tom Dwyer…

For eight hundred years, the right of Habeas Corpus has protected against arbitrary state action. Habeas allows people to command their government to show cause for their imprisonment or be set free.

Habeas is absolutely fundamental to the Rule of Law.  When your government can imprison you without accountability, what rights do you really have?

The king has returned…

In 2006, this most basic right was ripped away in the name of security.  The result was not a safer country, but a Security State in which we are no longer free by right, but by the whim of “our” government.

Torture, warrantless and invasive searches, amorphous enemies and permanent war are now the “new normal”…. Not to worry!

As long as you stay in line, you’re safe… for now.

Who will stand up and fight to restore this basic freedom?  How do we take our rights back?  Why hasn’t Barrack Obama already acted on this?  Why haven’t we?

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