Help Me Fight

I’m Tom Dwyer,

I’ve supported K P O J since 2005 and with your help; I’ll continue to do so.  Karl’s morning show, Thom Hartmann’s national show, and the other voices on this station provide a needed alternative to the corporate media propaganda and hate speech that fill the majority of media bandwidth.

Complete, accurate information is critical for people to educate themselves and thus be able to form rational opinions and make intelligent decisions.

With massive financial support, conservative and corporate agendas dominate, pushing people to believe in, and vote for things… that are really against their best interests.

It’s Amazing to see people vote… to cut their own heads off!

Unless the majority awakens to the propaganda machine and the corrupting influence of money on our elections and democracy, we will continue to plummet to third world status…..

I support KPOJ because it’s one of the things I can do….

What will you do to help fight for our country?  ………..

At (five oh three, two three oh, twenty three hundred) or (tom dwyer dot com) Tom Dwyer Automotive Services…  trusted to keep your vehicles safe, break down free and operating at their best!

(c)2010 Tom Dwyer Automotive Services

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