Ground Zero Mosque

I’m Tom Dwyer

The plan to “build a mosque at ground zero” has been hyped into a divisive and painful issue not by patriots defending the Constitution, but by petty politicians wrapping themselves in the flag.

We were all wounded on Nine Eleven, when people who didn’t represent Islam acted in its name.  But let me do something I never thought I’d do… quote George W Bush.  “Those who commit evil in the name of Allah blaspheme the name of Allah.”

It’s easy to recognize Islamic radicals perverting their beliefs, but our First Amendment guarantees the free exercise of religion.  Those who restrict freedom in the name of the Constitution blaspheme the Constitution.

The strength of a belief isn’t shown in easy situations, but in hard ones.    The best way to make Ground Zero “hallowed ground” is to make it the place where Constitution principles shine the brightest, not a crater where they lose their meaning.

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