I’m Tom Dwyer

The Constitution was designed to defend our freedoms from oppression by government, but government is not the only source of our oppression these days.

Our political system was intended to be the people’s tool to build a society that works for all citizens.  If government responds to the money of special interests rather than the voice of the people, our Constitutional protections no longer exist.

Follow the money…  Off-shored jobs, unions under attack, failed tax and trade policies, environmental destruction, plundered retirement, endless war, unsafe food and products, propaganda, and the greatest transfer of wealth to the rich ever seen.

When the economic royalists, as FDR called them, control the rules, our constitution no longer works to protect “we the people”.

We are no longer free when corporations hold greater power than people.  Whether the boot on my neck is worn by corporations or government; I want the boot gone.

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