Finance reform (call to representative)

It’s critical to call your representatives about issues you care about. Here’s how easy it is…

(Sound of phone being picked up and a dial tone)

(Tom)   5   0   3…   3   2   6…   7   5   2   5…

(Sound of dialing along with the numbers being spoken.  Phone rings  1 or 2 x and answered)

(Receptionist)  Senator Ron Wyden’s office…

(Tom)  Hi, this is Tom Dwyer from 97202.  I’ve always been a strong Wyden supporter, but please tell the Senator that unless he changes his position on health care reform I can’t continue to support him.

Senator Wyden’s “Healthy Americans Act” would keep insurance companies controlling and profiting from our health needs.

We need real reform now!

Comprehensive  single-payer health care, or at minimum a national public insurance option, would help rebuild a strong, sustainable economy that works for everyone.

As a small business owner contributing to employee coverage and a father covering my family, I know the thousands of dollars I’d save would help my family, my business, and Oregon’s economy.

Why is the pharmaceutical lobby paying for all those “feel good” ads about Ron’s health care reform?   Does Ron work for Pharma or Oregonians?

The Senator is up for re-election in 2010… I’ll be voting for someone that will work for me.

The Senator can reach me at 503-230-2300

(Receptionist)  I’ll let the senator know!

Thank you!

(c)2010 Tom Dwyer Automotive Services

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