Campaign finance reform

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Senator Ron Wyden’s “Healthy Americans Act” allows insurance conglomerates to continue to control and profit from our health care needs.

The Healthy Americans Act is not reform its spin, and I feel betrayed.

OPENSECRETS. ORG documents Senator Wyden has accepted millions of dollars from special interest groups.

Unfortunately, with our current contribution-driven electoral system, ALL candidates are forced to be more concerned with raising money than serving the voter.

When elected officials abdicate their responsibilities to the electorate, Democracy fails.

For me, health care is a demonstration of the urgent need for campaign finance reform.  The majority of Americans want single payer reform but we won’t get there without Campaign Finance Reform first.

Let’s get the special interest money out of our elections, and have an even playing field for all candidates.

When a candidate accepts corporate money, can we trust them to work for the needs of the voter?

It sort of like a full-commission service advisor…

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