Client Resource Center

We work hard to make our website, just like our shop, a resource you trust again and again to get the most from your driving experience.  Don’t just visit us when something goes wrong, rely on us to keep things going right!  Our Client Resources page is where we put tools and information to help you in any phase of vehicle ownership, so we hope you remember this page whenever you have an automotive issue.

If you’re a new client, we’re especially glad to see you here.  The more you know about us, and our slightly unorthodox approach to auto care, the more valuable our services can be for you.  We’ve created a section of our website called

“How To Make Our Shop Features Work For You”

that gives you the basics on some of our most commonly used and useful services.   We think knowing these basics will give you a head start to getting every possible advantage from your time with us.

Here are the additional resources available right now.  Remember, we plan to add more tools as they become available so check back often.  Also, if you think of something that we should have that’s missing, please drop us a line!

  • Current Newsletter- Our award-winning newsletter with stories and columns, universally hailed as interesting to every individual on the planet.  OK, not really, but it IS pretty good.
  • Newsletter Archive–  You can always catch up on back issues of Your Car Matters right here.  Auto help, technology, politics, art, and much more is all here at your fingertips.
  • Information ArchiveThis includes our most popular and informative articles on your most critical vehicular issues, but also includes information from outside sources and links to useful web resources.
  • Bus Planning- If you’re planning a trip after dropping off your car, or just trying to save a little wear and tear on your vehicle, TriMet’s bus planning tool couldn’t be easier.  Input your destination, the time you need to arrive, and the place you’re starting from, and it gives you step-by-step directions and times.
  • Car Buying Tips– Everything you need to make informed decisions when buying a new or new-to-you vehicle
  • Traffic Cams– Once you’ve bought your vehicle, use this tool to spend the time moving down the road instead of wasting time stuck in traffic.
  • Trip Check– Beyond just the current traffic, there are many factors that can affect your driving.  ODOT’s TripChek can help.
  • Vehicle Donation– Angels won’t come for your car when its useful life is over, but the next best things are Vehicle Donation Programs.  Here are several reputable groups we’ve worked with in the past.