Job Killing Realities

I’m Tom Dwyer,

Republicons attach jobs killing to anything they oppose; alternative energy development, fair taxes, health care reform, and more.

While they’ve pushed this meme, they’ve done nothing to create jobs and their budget cuts will cause us to lose a million more.

Where are the jobs Mr. Boehner?

The Republicons worship the job killingbottom line religion of their corporate masters.  

We know what kills jobs; … Corporate greed, bad tax and trade policies and the resultant loss of middle class income.

The last thirty years have proven Job creation is not driven by benevolent masters or trickle down from the rich but by the spending power and consumer demand of the masses.

No one creates jobs without demand for product and with unfair low taxes the wealthy withdraw and shelter their wealth.  They don’t create jobs in America.

We need to aggressively tax wealth and restore fair trade policies if we are to again prosper as a nation.

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