Bradley Manning #2

I’m Tom Dwyer,

While we go about our lives, Bradley Manning remains caged… subjected to cruel and unusual punishment.

For months now, contrary to the rule of law, Private Manning has been detained and dealt the harshest treatment normally reserved for the most uncooperative or dangerous convicted criminals… But Manning has not been formally charged…tried… or convicted of anything!

PJ Crowley was canned from the state department for describing Manning’s treatment as “ridiculous”, “counterproductive” and “stupid” but I think those words fell far short of the more accurate description;  “torture

Manning is being made the example of what our government will do to any that dare share damaging information demonstrating that when our armed forces kill the innocent we become the enemy.

The heart wrenching 17 minute video that provoked Manning’s detention is linked from our site. Watch it and remember Manning did not commit this act of collateral murder but our government is punishing him for it.

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