Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil

Hi, I’m Tom Dwyer

I hear many questions about synthetic oils versus conventional oil.  Many drivers think synthetics are too expensive, but I think there are three reasons that easily outweigh the extra cost…

Synthetics are better for your vehicle

They’re better for the planet

And they’re better for you.

Your vehicle benefits from synthetic oil’s superior protection in all driving conditions.  It has fewer impurities than conventional oil, leaves fewer deposits, gives better gas mileage, and extends your vehicle’s life.

The planet benefits from cleaner engine emissions, and alternatives to crude oil at least help slow the depletion of this limited resource.

But most importantly, you benefit from more time and less hassle.  In this busy world who has time for oil changes?  You’ll probably only need one or two oil changes a year on synthetic oil!

If you value your vehicle, the planet, and, most importantly your time, then it’s time to make the jump to synthetic oil!

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