News To Make You Furious- The Trans-Pacific Partnership

Feb-2015-Furious-headeraaaFuriousNewsButtonRemember Ross Perot’s line from the 1992 Presidential debates about the “giant sucking sound” of lost jobs caused by NAFTA?  The North American Free Trade Agreement was an all-encompassing trade deal negotiated in secret and fast-tracked around Congressional debate.  Since NAFTA worked out so well for us, our corporate overlords are coming back for another bite at the apple with TPP (the Trans Pacific Partnership).  Negotiated in secret and ready to be fast-tracked itself, TPP links 12 countries and over 500,000 people around the Pacific Rim into one gigantic trading block.  Although it is billed as “free trade”, only 5 of the 29 (leaked) draft chapters deal with trade at all.  Most deal with issues like food safety, internet freedom, medicine costs, off-shoring, financial regulation, and more.  One of the most egregious provisions would allow corporations to sue countries if they enact laws that would reduce the corporations anticipated profit.  The Obama Administration and Republican leadership have joined hands in asking for Fast Track authority to pass TPP… Congress would not be able alter the deal in any way, and would simply vote yea or nea.RestOfNewsletter

So the Middle Class has been abused by The Man for many years now.  Why is this any different?  Why get Furious at TPP?  Because it’s such a prime example of everything that’s wrong with business and government today, all wrapped up in one ugly package.  Try to imagine a society in which the government was made up of and by the people, and functioned for those same people.  If such a society existed, negotiations would not be carried on by unelected representatives of corporations to the benefit of those corporations.  They would be carried on by elected representatives in the interests of the general population.  If this imaginary society had a representative body, a “Congress” of some type, that was constitutionally tasked with regulating trade with foreign nations, they wouldn’t settle for thumbs up or down on an agreement that would affect every phase of our lives.  They’d review and amend the agreement before passing it (or not).

Why get Furious at the TPP?  Because it’s the latest proof that government of, by, and for the people perished from the earth a long time ago.

What are the basics of the TPP?

TPP Exposed: WikiLeaks Publishes Secret Trade Text to Rewrite Copyright Laws, Limit Internet Freedom (video)   

Democracy NOW, Nov 14, 2013

The TPP has been negotiated in strict secrecy, but WikiLeaks got a look at the docs.

“The Worst Trade Deal You’ve Never Heard Of” (video)  

Robert Reich, Moyers & Company, Feb 9 2015

Nothing explains complex economic issues like Robert Reich and a Sharpie.

Expose the TPP

History, arguments, news, and action

History’s largest trade agreements are being negotiated in secret

Alvaro Guzman Bastida, Al Jazeera America, September, 2014

Who’s in favor of this thing, and why?

US Business Coalition for TPP

An organization of the biggest behemoth corporations is all on board with TPP.  Here’s why, in their own words, along with the principles they’ve looked for in the agreement.  Surprise- worker protections weren’t on the list.

ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council)

Of course ALEC is lurking behind TPP.  Here’s their “model legislation” in support.

Do they have a point?

Debunking the Corporate Case For Fast Track Trade Authority  

Dave Johnson, Moyers & Company, Feb 2, 2015

The arguments of ALEC and others should stand on their own merits, but here’s why they don’t.  At all.

Then who’s against this thing, and why?

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Job Loss, Lower Wages and Higher Drug Prices

Public Citizen

In-depth page with links on every aspect of TPP.

Negotiators Burn Their Last Opportunity to Salvage the TPP by Caving on Copyright Term Extension  

Maira Sutton, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Feb 4, 2015

One of the leaked provisions extends copyright protection to a full 100 years.  That’s too much for EFF.

Democrats oppose Obama’s demand for fast-tracking Pacific trade deal

Siri Srinivas, The Guardian, Jan 21, 2015

Democrats are already on board to stop Fast Tracking of the TPP

Tea party, Dems join forces to put Obama’s Asia trade deal in jeopardy

S.A. Miller, The Washington Times, Feb 9, 2015

Bad policy makes strange bedfellows.  Will the TPP drive the Progressives and the Tea Party together?

Fine, that’s who’s against it.  Why should I listen to them?

‘Free trade’ isn’t what Trans-Pacific Partnership would deliver  

Michael Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times, Feb 7, 2015

Who could possibly be against “Free Trade”?  But TPP isn’t Free Trade at all.

Trans-Pacific Partnership = Government Corruption At Its Finest (video)  

Cenk Uygur, The Young Turks, Feb 23, 2014

It might be good, it might be bad, but Cenk Uygur tells us the truth… it’s just corrupt.

5 Reasons the TransPacific Partnership Fast Track Must Be Stopped   

Mike Gaworecki, AlterNet, Jan 23, 2014

Saying TPP is bad isn’t enough.  Here’s WHY it’s bad.

Fast Track Is Not A Done Deal: The People Will Stop It

Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Dissident Voice, Jan 18, 2015

The Corporatists are saying TPP is a done deal, but America may beg to differ.

This Very Bad Deal Will Make Wall Street Richer and Bust the Rest of America

Robert Reich, AlterNet, Feb 17, 2015

Bob explains why the TPP will benefit the 1%, not America.

OK, OK, what can I do to fight TPP?

Expose the TPP

Public Citizen

This one page includes everything you could ever want to fight TPP, including links to write and call, how to do public events, how to hold a house party or rally, and much more.

Don’t Let Congress Fast-Track TPP (includes email link to your representatives)

Electronic Frontier Foundation Action

Don’t go quiet into that good night… TAKE ACTION against the dying of the light!

Flush the TPP!

Another group organized to fight TPP, they could certainly use your help.

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