Welcome Back, Buddy- A photo essay on the Sellwood Bridge’s big move

The Sellwood Bridge, our rickety neighbor two blocks from the shop, opened ahead of schedule after a one week closure.  We’ve written a lot about the bridge throughout its construction, but in celebration of the new bridge we won’t write anything at all… we’ll share some pictures we (and a client, Jack DePue- thanks, Jack!) took from the first day of the closure through the first car across the new bridge.  Enjoy!

The North face of the bridge on the day before the closure; the West side interchange is in the foreground and the East side at Tacoma is in the background. You can really see the difference between where the bridge started and what its final position would be.

An interesting detail at the end of the steel I-beams. Each beam has the initials of the engineers and fabricators who signed off on it at each phase of its construction and use.

On the first day of the closure a sheriff was posted at the construction zone to stop anyone who just didn’t believe the closure signs.

Crews swarmed over the bridge from the closure on Thursday to get it ready for the move on Saturday. Daylight was not a limiting factor, and they worked far into the night.

More night work; this picture from the Riverplace building at Sellwood Riverfront Park.