Talking Heads Keep Droning On…


I’m Tom Dwyer,

Talking heads at Fox so called news have been loudly criticizing Obama’s use of drones and trying to bash Liberals for not speaking out.

One in particular called us vile and despicable, saying we went crazy over Bush’s spying and torturing but we’re now giving Obama a pass.  He conspicuously avoided any mention of the Con’s silence and even active support during the Bush reign.

Under Bush, Cons called anyone disagreeing with his policies “un-American”, and at the leadership level, Bush’s whim was enough for RepubliCon’s to swallow the lawless behaviors.

Today, it’s Liberals screaming for oversight.  Oregon Senators Wyden and Merkley are leading the charge to expose and control Obama’s policies.

Conservatives may be screaming, but not because of the constitutional issues.  They’re just trying to get anything to finally stick to Obama.

This is hypocrisy of the worst and most dangerous kind.

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(You may also be interested in this article by Eric Boehlert on the difference in press coverage of Bush’s and Obama’s abuses.  Remember Iraq?)

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