Stink of the Dead Cat

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I’m Tom Dwyer,

When a leading Democrat like Keith Ellison uses phrases “dead cat” and “the president’s brand” in the same sentence, liberals need to pay attention.

The “dead cat” Keith smells is Chained CPI, which slashes Social Security by cutting cost of living adjustments.

The same political thieves who emptied our Social Security Trust now argue it’s only “responsible” to make old people refill it.  Representative Ellison and I both fear Obama may have joined their ranks.

How can Obama defend his betrayal of a fundamental Progressive pillar?  The only answer he might offer is that this was only in his budget as a negotiating tactic…. He didn’t really mean it.

But Chained CPI is the worst possible concession; it’s an unnecessary accommodation with no gain.  Obama didn’t need to go there!  He was elected twice on the promise to defend what he now offers up freely.  He’s selling out the very people who put him where he is.

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