Holder’s Promise

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I’m Tom Dwyer,

…and I’ve been concerned.

Concerned that drones, the mechanical angels of death from Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen, would become a domestic tool.

But Eric Holder, the man who explained that “due process” is not the same as “judicial process”, has just put my mind at ease.

In a letter to Congress, Holder said the “Obama administration has no intention of carrying out domestic drone strikes”… unless there were some “extraordinary circumstance”.

Well I can rest easy knowing the State of Emergency Dubya implemented  after 911, and that Obama has now extended through September, probably wouldn’t count.

Whew!  What a load off my mind! With the recent loss of real legal protections like Posse Comitatus and Habeas Corpus, having Holder say domestic drone strikes would be inappropriate  seem to make vague unenforceable promises golden!

I know we’re in good hands now, and I’m sure we can place the same blind trust in the wisdom of every President to come, whoever they may be.

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