Don’t Stop Believing, Mitch!

I’m Tom Dwyer,

The GOP didn’t like Obama’s inaugural address.  Mitch McConnell decried “It’s basically a “liberal agenda”, and WE believe America is a center right nation”.

The reality of the election results should have been enough to show Mitch that believing doesn’t make it so.

RepubliCons have repeatedly proven that reality doesn’t change their beliefs which is one reasons they’re becoming marginalized.

Let’s look at some of those disconnected beliefs:

Humans do not affect climate change,

Women have no right to healthcare, fair pay, or birth control,

Taxes are for poor people,

Social security is broken and can only be fixed by privatization,

The EPA and all forms of government regulation hurt business growth,

Unions, public education and the post office are BAD,

Permanent war and corporate control…..GOOD.

You just keep believin’ that stuff Mitch, and watch your party of old, rich, white guys go the way of the telegraph.

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