Lanny and Mary Go Revolving

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I’m Tom Dwyer,

Lanny Breuer, the man who helped Eric Holder shield Wall Street thugs from prosecution, is leaving DOJ !

Don’t worry; he won’t have to file for unemployment.  He’s already lined up a four million dollar salary at the law firm where he previously defended the same vampires he was supposed to be prosecuting at Justice.  The firm created a new position just for him so he can continue to protect these criminals.

Lanny’s move isn’t the only recent insult to ethics.  On April 2nd, former Securities and Exchange Commission head Mary Schapiro left her job to join a company of former regulators helping investors dodge SEC rules.  Mary doesn’t see her move as the revolving door… in her mind it’s not revolving because she’s done returning to government.

Rewarding greed promotes more greed.  Strong ethics laws and real jail time will end it. I’m sick of seeing greed being rewarded and promoted. Traitors to justice need to be prosecuted.

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