TEPCO And The New US Nuclear Reactors

I’m Tom Dwyer,

Despite the objections of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman, the U S just licensed the first two new nuclear plants in thirty seven years. 

They’re being built by The Southern Company, a major polluter an ALEC member, based on a reactor design that wasn’t updated after lessons from Fukushima.

These two are just the first wave of the ‘nuclear renaissance’ being pushed.

Two more reactors are slated for the Gulf Coast of Texas, and one of the companies involved there is TEPCO, the Japanese company that built Fukushima- Daiichi.

TEPCO has falsified inspection records, doctored critical reactor equipment data, faked reactor tests, lied to the world about the ongoing Fukushima disaster, and continues to operate eight reactors without making required repairs.

As the cons love to say “let free markets decide”

Repealing Price Anderson would help resolve our nuclear nightmare. You and I should not be on the hook for insuring the nuclear industries profits.

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