Royalty Rates

I’m Tom Dwyer,

Willard released his tax return for last year and a summary of his earlier taxes.

He paid fourteen percent in twenty eleven, and averaged about twenty percent the previous years if you chose to believe his numbers.

That’s less than what you probably paid because the top tax on working wages, is thirty five percent. Mitt’s income comes almost exclusively from investments, and capital gains tax is only fifteen percent.

This isn’t rational!  Investment income should be taxed at higher rates than wages! Why should working wages be taxed at higher rates than leisure income? In what world does that make sense? I‘d like to see the top marginal rate for wealth return to over 50 percent.

Great wealth is creating a new royal class and that’s not good for a strong middle class or democracy.

A society must tax to provide services.  Everyone should be taxed, but not at the same rate, tax wealth not work!

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