RepubliCon Triad of Deception

I’m Tom Dwyer,

How can a party that only represents the interests of the wealthiest one percent of Americans even compete in our political system?

How can the anomaly of a working class Republican even exist?

It enrages me that Republi Con leadership use the triad of deception, fear, and flat out cheating to continue to compete for political control.

Corporate media propaganda and our failing educational systems are working well helping to roll the deception component of this tricycle; and when lies fall short, there’s fear.

Conservative views flourish within people who psychologically test to be intellectually lazy, dogmatic, or easily frightened; the use of fear works to get them to the polls.

And when ignorance and fear don’t cover the spread, there’s voter suppression and election fraud helping further sway the count.

It’s painful to watch Republi Con leadership’s methods, but educated, involved citizens must push back against their selfish lust for political power.

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