Election Night BASH!


I’m Tom Dwyer,

Four years ago, America faced a crossroads… continue Dubya’s march to trickle down feudalism, or try an unproven Senator from Illinois.  The results have been mixed, but one definitely good thing that happened was the Tom Dwyer Automotive Services Election Night Bash.

This year looks like a nail-biter, and I want to be surrounded by a sea of liberals again for the big finish.  K P O J will be joining us as co hosts at the historic Bob White Theater, sixty four twenty three Southeast Foster Road, with delectable food generously provided by Tapatio Catering.

Please check our website frequently as the big day approaches, and we’ll keep you posted on all the details.

Sure, there’s an election on November 6th.  But more importantly, at 6pm, doors open for the Second Quadrennial Tom Dwyer Automotive Services Election Night Bash.

It’s one party you won’t want to miss!

By phone at (five oh three, two three oh, twenty three hundred) or online at (tom dwyer dot com) we’re Tom Dwyer Automotive Services… trusted to keep your vehicles, safe, breakdown-free and operating at their best!

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