What’s Your Auto Technician’s Motivation?

I’m Tom Dwyer,

Mechanics at dealerships and independent repair shops are usually compensated for the speed at which their work is completed rather than the precision or quality of their product. Compensation is calculated using labor guide time estimates; not the physical time they’ve invested.

We have an article for our website describing this standard form of compensation, known as “Flat Rate” which rewards for quick completion of specific labor operations but sacrifices the broader concept of over-all vehicle care.

Craftsmanship and attention to detail are compromised when speed is the only basis for compensation.

Flat rate narrows vision and responsibility and does not promote an environment of quality and client service.

Would you want your surgeon trying to beat flat rate time to make more money?

Next time you’re thinking “vehicle service”; ask how your mechanic will be paid… if the answer is flat rate or commission, then think about what their true motivations are compelled to be.

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