Sellwood Bridge Update- Vote “Yes” on Measure 3-372

While the Sellwood Bridge may be a prime example of what’s wrong with our country’s crumbling infrastructure, it’s renovation has been an example of what’s right in large scale public projects, even winning an award for its design input process.  That process has been great until now.

The funding for the new bridge is an assemblage of Federal, State, County, City, and other funding.  Clackamas County stepped up for twenty two million of the replacement by adding a small fee to their vehicle licenses, solely dedicated to bridge expenses.  Now this funding is in jeopardy as the fee increase is being referred to Clackamas voters.  If you live in Clackamas county, here’s some points from to consider as you go to the polls…

Every day, over 30,000 of us drive across the Sellwood Bridge. And in just a few short weeks, Clackamas County voters will vote on a funding measure to build a new, safe Sellwood Bridge that our families and business can count on.

It’s one of the most structurally deficient bridges in the country.  It wouldn’t withstand even a moderate earthquake. The Sellwood Bridge is literally falling to pieces.  And it’s a clear and present danger to Clackamas County drivers.

The Sellwood Bridge is a vital portion of the transportation and economic link between Clackamas and Multnomah Counties.  Our families and businesses rely on it every day.  But it isn’t safe, receiving a sufficiency rating of 2 on a scale of zero to 100.

Measure 3-372 institutes a small $5/year vehicle registration fee to pay Clackamas County’s share of replacing the Sellwood Bridge.  It’s a small price to pay for our safety — and without it, the financing to replace the bridge simply isn’t there.

In an important election like this, it takes a community effort.  We invite you to “like” our facebook page. You can also visit our new website at to endorse the bridge, make a contribution, or sign up to volunteer.

Forward this email along to your friends, family, and neighbors and make sure they know you support a safe Sellwood Bridge.

Ballots are out now for the special Clackamas county election on May 17.  Voting “YES” on Measure 3-372 will ensure funding for this critical project.

If you live in Clackamas county, please, vote YES on 3-372, the Sellwood Bridge Measure!

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