Sellwood Bridge Update- Until the day it’s rebuilt

Looks like we’re jumping over some of the final hurdles to getting a non-crumbling bridge.  Clackamas county is finally coming to the table to fund the Sellwood bridge replacement, and fill a $22 million gap in financing to the estimated $330 million project. The County Board of Commissioners voted to have locals pay an additional $5 in vehicle registration fees.  A small minority of Clackamas residents believe they shouldn’t pay a dime, although a reported 70% of the Sellwood Bridge traffic is Clackamas county residents. Commuters are happy with decision, especially Paul Riggs, secretary of the Columbia Pacific Building Trades Council. Local building trade workers will benefit from the project, since many of the labor will be sourced locally. “If you look at how it trickles down, it’ll be quite a shot in the arm for the economy, not only for Clackamas County, but also for the whole region,” Riggs said.

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HOT OFF THE PRESSES- On January 27, the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the design for a new $290 million Sellwood Bridge .  Read the whole Oregonian Story here.

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