Republicon Job Creation

I’m Tom Dwyer,

Ex-Congressman Alan Grayson, another victim of Citizen’s United money, described the Republicon health care plan- “don’t get sick… and if you do, die quickly!”

Their job creation plan is no better.  Where’s the jobs Mr. Boehner? The cons ran on a promise of jobs, but the Americans who voted for them did not understand what kind of jobs nor when they might arrive.

When the few remaining unions are broken and growing job insecurity in a devastated economy forces American workers to take any job they can get, the true nature and intention of the Republi..con..job creation plan will become evident.

With wages and worker rights devastated, workers will be willing to work for third world wages and conditions;… corporations might bring  jobs back to the U. S….Goods could again be made by US workers but produced as cheaply as if they were still made in China!

Voila!!!  The Republicon job creation plan revealed!

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