Post Office

I’m Tom Dwyer,

I ask people why they think the Postal Service has troubles.  Many mention email, inefficiency, or competition, none mention onerous mandated prefunded benefits.

In 06, a republican lame duck Congress dictated the Post Office PRE-FUND healthcare seventy five years in advance, covering employees not even born yet, an obligation faced by no other  group… And fund it in just ten years, at a cost over 5 billion a year!  Remove this imposed burden and the Post Office is fine; essential, efficient and profitable.

To fix this conjured crisis, a Democratic bill with over 2 2 0 co-sponsors HR 1 3 5 1 would move money from existing pension over payments to pre payments.  Darell Issa’s bill, with 2 co-sponsors, would cut jobs and wages, close post offices, and abolish benefits.

Please… call congress,… remind them they created this mess and now they need to fix it…

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