Participation in Power

I’m Tom Dwyer,

Hypocrites of the Right love to portray themselves as fiscal conservatives and defenders of freedom.  They claim to stand against overreaching government policies they say are killing job creation and turning us into economic slaves.

Sure, there are examples of failure in all governments, including waste and abuse in our own, but as Roman philosopher Cicero said “Freedom is participation in power.”  The genius of democracy is that it makes government a tool for “we the people” to participate in the regulation, riches, and power of our society.

Voter suppression bills and radical budget cuts intended to starve government’s ability to operate, actually restrict our power and oversight, leaving corporations and wealth free to rule.

Our inalienable rights disappear without government to recognize, protect, and enforce them.  Sorry Mr. Reagan, government is not the problem.  An ineffective government crippled by party-before-country ideologues is the problem and it endangers us all.

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