Oregon State Bank

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Despite our country’s fiscal nightmare, one state is doing pretty well.  North Dakota has four percent unemployment, and a G D P of seven point three percent, twice the national average.   Why?

For 93 years, The Bank of North Dakota has been our country’s only state-owned bank.  It makes low interest student, business, and farm loans, and has returned three hundred million in profit to the state in the last decade.  Their Bank may not be solely responsible for their healthy economy, but it can’t hurt.

The Oregon Legislature is now considering a similar bank for the citizens of Oregon.  It would keep deposits and interest in our community, helping us build a sustainable local economy.

Why should we continue to feed corporate banking vampires? For a strong economy, we need to control our money.  Please, follow the links from our website for more information and be heard in this important fight.  Your voice matters!

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