Occupy First Step

I’m Tom Dwyer,

I support the Occupy movement! We need to remove the control of wealth from our governmental framework.

We all see the problems, but the mechanisms to fix them are missing, and our representatives and election systems are failing us.

Our nation was founded to “promote the general welfare”.  Government was to serve the people’s will expressed through elections, but instead omnipotent and unaccountable wealth floods the system and disables the people’s representation.  We no longer have representational democracy, but kleptocracy or corporatocracy.

CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM must be one of the first steps to restore a society that promotes the general welfare.  Without real representation and fair elections, the majority may have no peaceful way to restore a healthy and sustainable society, the “American Dream”.

As long as corporations are people and money equals speech; wealth will continue to rule. Support the Occupy movement any way you can.  Get involved, and make CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM a priority!

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