Loyalty to Wealth

I’m Tom Dwyer,

RepubliCons,… the corporate enabled masters of media spin,… claim an election “mandate” to slash government spending, gut government power, and balance the budget to save us from fiscal Armageddon.

I remember it differently.  I heard promises of job creation, not grid lock over job-killing budget cuts…

Once they took the House they said their number one priority was to make Obama a “one term President”…  Not jobs… regain control… even if the economy and the working class pay a horrible price.  And, hey, if Medicare and Social Security are squashed in the fray; even better….

What happened to jobs…. Jobs… jobs?

For the Cons… it’s never been about jobs or balanced budgets.  It’s always been about selfish power and keeping wealth in control.  That’s no surprise when we look at what Republi Cons have historically defend.

Loyalty to wealth has replaced RepubliCon loyalty to country, and we’re witnessing the impact of their corruption on our society.

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