Job Creators

I’m Tom Dwyer, and I‘m sick of the rich being called “job creators”.

If their low taxes actually created jobs, employment would not be plunging.

Wealth is taxed at the lowest rate since the fifties, and after 10 years of undeserved, unfunded tax breaks the rich are exportingnot creating jobs.

Economists agree that innovative tax on wealth would create far more jobs than this continued tax break insanity.

We borrowed money for millionaire welfare and now the cons want to repay it on the backs of the poor and working class; gutting promised benefits and needed social programs. Tax breaks for the rich are actually tax increases on the poor!

Rich people are not the cause of a robust economy; they’re the result of a robust economy!  Consumers are the real job creators. No one creates jobs because of tax breaks; consumer demand creates jobs.

Tax wealth! It will help balance the budget, create jobs and strengthen America!

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