Illahee 2011- Roger Pielke

I’m Tom Dwyer…

Proud to announce Tom Dwyer Automotive Services’ support for the Illahee lecture series.

February marks the return of Portland’s forum for environmental and societal thinkers.  This year’s theme, “Innovation for the Public Good”, will explore how innovation is translated from abstract, small-scale ideas into widespread, beneficial public policy.

On Feb 3 rd, Illahee will present its first speaker, Roger Pielke, who will explain why he thinks we’d make better progress on addressing climate change by focusing on energy innovation rather than carbon reduction.   Roger’s writings cover everything from the environment and science policy to the space program.  Need more details?  Just follow the links to Illahee dot org from our NEW website.

If you missed the Illahee Series last year, don’t repeat that mistake.  Be at the First Congregational Church of Portland, 7 p m, Thursday, February 3 rd, when Roger Pielke kicks off a new season of important ideas.

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