GOP Roadmap

I’m Tom Dwyer,

The Republicorp leadership has successfully extorted welfare for the wealthy.  Greed Over Principle leadership accepts the further decline of American economic security to reward their base; the wealthiest two percent.

They’re setting sights on gaining even more power in twenty twelve.  Preferred attack?  Destroy the accomplishments of the last congress, employ endless investigations, and continue to obstruct anything the majority of Americans want.

G O P servility to wealth is continuing to damage America.

Their leadership will work to repeal health care and Wall Street reforms, defund and privatize Social Security and Medicare, favor predatory corporate monopolies over people, and continue to obstruct any change to help the middle class.

And get ready…  Those tax cuts were only extended.  They must become permanent to make sure that wealth continues to dictate this country’s future…

I’d prefer the lucky sperm club be taxed to its end.

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