Consumer Society

I’m Tom Dwyer,

When you read the Constitution, you won’t find the words “Taxpayer” or “Consumer” anywhere … but you will find the word “Citizen“.

The word “citizen” carries connotations of awareness, participation, and responsibility… without robust citizen involvement; democracy fails.

Citizenship” goes beyond the individual… it implies an expectation for government to support and advance its citizens, where life, liberty, and the pursuit of happinessfor allare possible.

Pro – Corporate Campaign finance rules have weakened our democracy, allowing our government to ignore its responsibility to natural citizens and place the interests of corporate citizens first.

Some Politicians espouse “running our country as a business”, and tell us our role is to pay taxes and buy stuff.

My vision for our country is not as a “for profit” business but a “for the people” sustainable covenant.

We need to be more than tax payers and consumers; we need to embrace citizenship, with all that that implies.

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