Your Ally In Any Economy

Hi, I’m Tom Dwyer

By providing tailored services that meet your needs and long-term goals Tom Dwyer Automotive Services is your ally in any economy.

We make sure you won’t waste your money or unknowingly run your vehicles into the ground.

We provide real value by offering quality service in a logical, prioritized manner, focusing on safety issues first, break-down items next, and then your maintenance needs.

Our service advisors aren’t paid sales commission, you can trust that they’re recommending the services you need… not just building a paycheck.

Our technicians take the time to service your vehicles right the first time using only the best possible materials, so we can cover you with the best warranty in the industry.

And, our same as cash financing can help you preserve your car and your cash!

Our existing clients know we deliver comprehensive, no BS service, never random or unneeded nonsense.  Let them tell you why they trust us… watch the detailed client testimonials on our website.

By phone at (five oh three, two three oh, twenty three hundred) or online at (tom dwyer dot com) we’re Tom Dwyer Automotive Services… trusted to keep your vehicles, safe, breakdown-free and operating at their best!

(c) 2010 Tom Dwyer Automotive Services

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