States Secrets Privilege

I’m Tom Dwyer

…and I really miss the “rule of law”.  The “States Secrets Privilege” is another of our government’s Dark and unconstitutional policies that I expect to see addressed during the Obama administration.

The State Secrets Privilege was intended to protect legitimate national secrets, but its been twisted to shield almost any governmental abuse from court scrutiny.

National security letters, wiretaps, sneak and peak, rendition, torture… We need far more aggressive government scrutiny not less… yet litigation in which national security information only might be revealed is stopped dead on government request.

Citizens damaged by one of these previously exposed programs, who aren’t soliciting more information on a “states secret” matter, just purely attempting to remedy violations of their individual constitutional rights, are being denied fair and equal application of the rule of law.

The rule of law is a founding principle for a free society!  Until it is restored, we must all speak up!

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