Keep Elections Fair in Portland (2)

I’m Tom Dwyer,

Campaign Finance Reform is critically important.  We can’t preserve democracy let alone get any progressive change while corporate money drives our election process.

Corporate interests and lobbyists like the way things are.  They like being able to choose who runs for office and who gets elected.  They like writing the laws they’ll live under, and they like the “access” their money gives them after the election is over.

Portland was an early adopter of voter- owned elections in 2005.  Candidates can now run without relying on big money donors, reducing the power of special interests and wealthy contributors.

Of course, that’s exactly why the special interests launched a campaign to crush our voter- owned elections this November.

Get ready for the lies… you’ll hear that the public cost is too high, that the system doesn’t work. Special interests want the freedom to buy our politicians…and they can buy your attention, but not your mind.

Stand up to them. Stop the power grab.

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