Battle of Copenhagen

Hi I’m Tom Dwyer, Two three zero twenty three hundred

I’m sorry to announce we may have already lost the Battle of Copenhagen.

The shortest war in history before this lasted 38 minutes, but the Obama administration is surrendering Copenhagen before the battle even begins.

It’s a record, but not one I wanted to see set by the United States.

If Obama is settling for the limit of 450 parts per million carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, then he’s settling for mass extinction.

This is unacceptable leadership. Another corporate capitulation!

America needs to lead the fight against climate change.

The change to a low carbon economy won’t kill our economy it will provide jobs and help revitalize it!

Please call or write the White House today and express your disappointment with the lack of leadership on one of the most important issues we face.

450 is unacceptable!

America has the resources to start working on lowering C O 2 now.

You can help now too. Check out the carbon neutral program for your vehicle on our website at tom dwyer dot com

Thank You!

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