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Pretty much every company these days has a newsletter, but how many do you really want to read?  If your exterminator tells you about bugs or your accountant tells you about depreciation, how interesting it that?  Sure, we have automotive articles, but there’s much more to Your Car Matters.  Our automotive articles save you money and help you get the most from your vehicle, but then you can move on to Drew’s Kitchen for recipes or Shop Talk to learn how our shop works, flip on over to meet one of our clients in the Client Profile, catch up on politics with our many political articles, and then finish up with our News To Make You Furious section for jaw-dropping looks at the appalling world around us.  Still not enough?  Wash it all down with our Popcorn Shorts section, where we put all the interesting stuff that didn’t fit in any other category.  We call our newsletters “offbeat”, but whatever adjective you settle on, we guarantee it’s one that you won’t use for any other newsletter you’ve ever read.

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(We’re having a few technical difficulties, and the November newsletter will be posted here ASAP. Please check back, and we’re sorry for the inconvenience)

October’s Feature Articles…


Halloween Goes To The Dogs!
Animal costumes on parade


Automotive Horror Stories!
With gruesome pictures


Don’t Wait For Service
Let us deliver the service you deserve


Our Monthly Columns…


Learning our real priorities

MonthlyNL- Toons

Keith Tucker’s “What NOW?!!” Toon of the Month

MonthlyNL- Drew

Treats from beyond the grave

MonthlyNL- ShopTalk

Automotive Amnesty has been extended!


MonthlyNL- Humor

Tickle your funny bone

MonthlyNL- Health

Don’t be a zombie

MonthlyNL- BridgeUpdate

The “Saturday Night Live” Bridge?

MonthlyNL- BookSpotlight

The scariest book you’ll ever read


Our Monthly Selection of Popcorn Shorts…


5 real things science can’t explain


Houses that are “winning” Halloween


Progressive Radio returns to Portland


Why you shouldn’t text and drive


And our monthly News To Make You Furious..