Book Spotlight- 2016’s Bookshelf and Bonuses

aaaBookSpotlightButtonOne of our most popular features here at the shop is our unique Book and Bumper Sticker library.  You can take one of our Bumper Stickers free with each visit (they’re magnetic so they won’t damage your vehicle’s paint), we have a few videos you might like (also one free per visit), and all RestOfNewsletterour books are available for checkout (just ask your Service Advisor).  With that library backing us up, it’s no big surprise that we like to offer recommendations that might make your reading life a little spicier.  Here are the books we recommended in 2016, along with some great reading lists from other people and groups we think you’ll enjoy…

2015’s Pile of Publications

“Deep State” by Mike Lofgren

“Pacific” by Simon Winchester

“War Is A Racket” by Smedley Butler

“The Case For Mars” by Robert Zubrin

“Listen, Liberal” by Thomas Frank

Unmasking our own internal biases (5 books)

“The Making of Donald Trump” by David Cay Johnston

“Hitler” by Volker Ullrich

“The Populist Explosion” by John B. Judis

“Why Americans Hate Politics” by EJ Dionne

Additional reading lists from other folks…

Willamette Week- Eight Portland Authors Weigh In On Their Favorite Books from 2016

Brain Pickings- The Greatest Science Books of 2016

Brain Pickings- The Best Children’s Books of 2016

Brain Pickings- 16 Overall Favorite Books of 2016

Brain Pickings- Carl Sagan’s Reading List

Brain Pickings- Bookshelf

Bill Moyers- Books for the Trump Years

Bruce Springsteen- 28 Favorite Books That Shaped His Mind and Music

Science Friday- Five Back-to-School Books for Science-Loving Kids

Sam Harris- 12 Books Everyone Should Read

And for those of you who don’t read…

The Federalist- The Top Ten Books People Lie About Reading

How To Talk About Books You Haven’t Read by Pierre Bayard or

Huffington Post- 13 Books Nobody’s Read But Says They Have


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