Vote For God

I’m Tom Dwyer,

The Republi con vention had little to offer undecided voters.

Without an elder statesman to parade, the Cons shoved God onstage instead.  They said he founded our country and ordained our rights, and that belief in God makes us great.  They didn’t mention endless war, failed trickle down policies, or crippled government and they completely ignored our obligations to others that God so inconveniently insists on.

The Dem’s convention more accurately reflected America’s people with themes revolving around our mutual obligations.

The Democratic platform itself didn’t originally mention God.  Instead, it said that rights come from our Constitution, that government protects these rights, and that government policies could be effective economic tools.  Only after Cons squealed about the heathen Dem’s was God wedged into their platform.

The Cons envisioned a fact free, corporate fascist theocracy, the Dems… a free and informed people solving shared problems.

I can hardly wait for the first debate October 3 RD!

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